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Banpresto is a Japanese company that deals with the development of video games of various kinds and for the product and for statues inspired by the most famous sagas on the world stage. Games and Comics with its Banpresto Shop offers the best statues produced by this brand that are inspired by great titles such as Harry P otter, Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Godzilla and many others.

Banpresto Dragon Ball

Banpresto has dedicated to Dragon Ball a series of fantastic statues meticulously cared for in every detail inspired by the most iconic characters of the series who accompanied us during the course of their adventures as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo who fought to save the earth and the universe against fearsome enemies such as Freeza , Cell and many others. Discover in our Banpresto Shop all the best Banpresto action figures statues that reproduce the characters in many different Saiyan transformations and in different poses and situations; choose your favorite characters and add them to your collection to make it even more amazing.

Banpresto One Piece

Banpresto has also created a series of statues dedicated to the pirate world of One Piece depicting the most famous characters in unique poses. Monkey D Luffy, Charlotte Katakuri, Sabo, Portgas D Ace, Sanji, Nico Robin and Usop are some of the characters portrayed in the Banpresto action figures statues immediately available on our Online Shop . Don't miss any outing and use the possibility to pre-order the One Piece statues in the next outing to also receive incredible discounts. Create your own crew by collecting your favorite Banpresto One Piece statues .

Visit the Online Games and Comics Shop to discover all the fantastic Banpresto statues

Visit Banpresto Shop Games and Comics to choose your statues pr eferite dedicated to Dragon Ball and One Piece . Discover all the figures available and pre-order to select those that most fascinate you with their details and all to their high quality.

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