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Bandai is one of the largest toy and collectible companies in the world and is based in Japan. Model kits , action figures , statues and replicas are just some of the types of Bandai products on our Online Shop that will leave you speechless. Discover all the series that Bandai has dedicated to the different genres of manga , anime and much more.

Soul of Chogokin

Soul of Chogokin is a serie of action figures devoted to Japanese robots which owes its name to the metal alloy with which it was built Mazinger Z , one of the initial shaping of the de llo Japanese writer and cartoonist Go Nagai . This Bandai series faithfully reproduces different subjects from manga and anime of the Mecha genre such as Neon Genesis Evangelion , Daitarn , Goldrake , Mazinga and Daltanious . This series in addition to action figures of the most famous people mecha has also dedicated outputs for accessories and special items, alternate versions and limited editions to complete its offer in a unique way. Do not miss the products of the Soul of Chogokin series by Bandai , stay up to date on the products available and in pre-order on the Online Games and Comics Shop .

Super Robot Chogokin

Super Robot Chogokin is a series derived from Soul of Chogokin that produces action figures of slightly smaller dimensions but which have greater posability , to allow collectors to put them in the poses they prefer by choosing among many different combinations, unlike the Soul of Chogokin models which are more rigid. The subjects reproduced in this Bandai series are the same as in Soul of Chogokin with only a few exceptions that cannot be missing in your collection.

S.H. Figuarts SHF

Figuarts S.H. is a Bandai series that produces action figures with high level of detail inspired by characters that span different areas. On our Online Shop you will find action figures S.H figuarts. drawn from comics series such as Marvel and DC which portray many superheroes; figures inspired by manga and anime such as Dragon Ball , Kinnikuman , Sailor Moon , Naruto , Ultraman , Saint Seiya and more; collectable dedicated to films like Harry Potter and Star Wars , but also real people like wrestler of WWE and famous singers . Discover all our proposal on the SH figuarts series available on our Online Shop .

Figuarts Zero

Figuarts Zero is a series Bandai that produces statues dedicated to characters of anime and manga such as Dragon Ball , Doraemon , Naruto but especially One Piece that is the saga most represented in this series with great statues finely dettag liate that portray the main characters of the series as Luffy and his crew, navy admirals Borsalino Kizaru , Kuzan Aokiji and Sakazuki Akainu and other characters who accompany Straw Hat during his adventures or try to hide him like Edward Newgate , known as Whitebeard , Buggy the clown , Sir Crocodile and Sabo .

Model Kits

Bandai also produces a wide range of model kits inspired mainly by characters from manga , anime and Japanese robots all to be assembled, in which you can choose from different variations of pieces to create your favorite pose. Gundam , Evangelion , Mazinga , Mazinkaiser , are just some of the Japanese robot themed titles from which the model kits on our Online Shop are taken . For those who are more passionate about manga and anime , Games and Comics offers Bandai model kits that portray characters from Dragon Ball , Digimon , Ultraman , Keroro , Naruto and One Piece .

Myth Cloth

The Saint Seiya Myth Cloth are a line of action figures depicting the characters in the manga and anime of the Knights of the Zodiac. Bandai has created several series dedicated to this iconic saga such as Saint Seiya Myth Cloth , Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX , Saintia Sho and Soul of Gold . These incredible action f igure portray the characters in every detail and offer the possibility of replacing some parts of the body to put them in the pose you prefer. Many fantastic armor of your favorite warriors are waiting to be purchased, take advantage of the available offers and pre-orders always updated on our Online Shop to not miss any exit.

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