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Pop Culture Shock Collectibles

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is a brand that has been at the center of the world collecting scene for years, offering scale statues taken from the most famous sagas of which Pop Culture Shock has obtained licenses over time. Many different titles taken from movies, manga, anime await you to satisfy your every need as a true collectible lover . The statues signed Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are made of high quality resin , worked with the most innovative manufacturing technologies to offer a unique experience to all collectibles enthusiasts .

Here are the characters to whom the Pop Culture Shock statues are dedicated

Many exclusive titles await you in the section dedicated to Pop Culture Shock Collectibles with statues dedicated, for example, to characters such as Wolverine , Thanos , Loki , Doctor Strange and Spider Man as regards the Marvel Universe, to which they are also joined Licenses from sagas like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Power Rangers , Street Fighter Transformers and Mortal Kombat for your collections. The proposals signed by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles include statues of different sizes, starting from the smaller ones in 1/12 scale and then going up with 1/10 and 1/8 reproductions, up to the incredible and huge figures in 1/4 scale. which sometimes even exceed 50 cm in height! Discover all the proposals we have chosen for you and stay up to date on the news we offer.

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