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The Noble Collections

The Noble Colle ctions is a brand producing merchandise of some of the most famous sagas of the small and big screen. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, the Hobbit, Jumanji, the Da Vinci Code and several titles of the DC brand are some of the licenses acquired by The No ble Collections to produce its collectibles. Many articles dedicated to these titles are available immediately for purchase or in preorder on our Online Shop ; such as the replica of the iconic Jumanji board game available both in 1: 1 scale and in a mini replica . Also products dedicated to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are available on the Online Games and Comics Shop with a reproduction of Sauron 's ring of power, a replica of Gandalf 's staff , the letter opener reproduction of the Thranduil sword and much more. Choose your favorite The Noble Collections products in the wide range that Games and Comics offers.

The Noble Collections Harry Potter replicas

The collectible themed Harry Potter and Animals Fantastic are the strong point of The Noble Collections ; on our Online Shop, in fact, you will find all the best The Noble Collections Harry Potter replicas from which to choose your favorites to better identify with your favorite characters . Harry Potter wands inspired by different characters are available for purchase with incredible reproductions that perfectly match the original magic wands ; in addition to the single Harry Potter wands, there are also different types of magic wands proposed with an exhibition display to show them to your guests by presenting them in the best way. Together with the Chopsticks you will also find a faithful replica of the Marauder's Map and the Hermione time- turning necklace , packaged together with its wooden case with mirrored background. Don't miss the opportunities that Games and Comics has dedicated to you on The Noble Collections Harry Potter reruns .

The Noble Collections Harry Potter statues and plushes

The Online Games and Comi CS Shop also offers The Noble Collections Harry Potter statues and plush toys to meet the needs of all fans who love the series dedicated to the events of Harry Potter and his friends. The Noble Collections has created several statues dedicated to animal present in the films Harry Potter like Hedwig owl of Harry the cat Hermione Crookshanks , the house elf Dobby and the hippogriff Buckbeak ; other magical creatures are drawn instead from the film Fantastic Beasts like Fwooper and Bowtruckle of Newt Scamander bowtruckle . Along with these fantastic statues also find lots of stuffed animals on our online shop as niffler stuffed animals, the Puffola Pygmy , the Mandrake including vase, Crookshanks, Hedwig, the Dragon Hungarian Horntail, the pixie of Cornwall and many others.

Discover all collectibles The Noble Collection Harry Potter and more on our Online Shop

Choose your collectibles and gadgets favorite The Noble Collection Harry Potter and not just to expand your collection; you will find many products available and others with the possibility of pre - ordering so you don't miss future releases. Discover all the offers designed for you by Games and Comics by browsing the Online Shop .

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