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Neca ( National Entertainment Collectibles Association ) is a US company that produces collectibles, in particular action figures , replicas and bobble heads . Neca over time has acquired the licenses of securities from different sectors such films, videogames, sports, music and television, focusing mainly on the genres horror and cult which produces most of its action figures.

Neca horror action figure and cult action figure

The action figure shop Games and Comics offers a choice of Neca action figures dedicated to many different subjects such as those dedicated to Marvel and DC superheroes and TMNT ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ) taken from American comics that portray the characters in cute bobble heads and Neca action figures with many interchangeable parts to personalize your figures. Even video games are one of the genres in which Neca, in fact on our online shop available amazing Neca Crash Bandicoot action figures, and other figures inspired by God of War, Aliens and Heroes of the Storm. The most important series of the Neca brand, however, are those that concern horror action figures and cult action figures. Halloween, the Shark, Scream, Alien, Predator, Friday the 13th, The Nun, IT, Creepshow, Evil Dead and Freddy vs Jason are all films and series from which the Neca action figures horror are taken , articulated and with the possibility of interchanging different components to customize your favorite characters. Several cult sagas are also present on our Online Shop with titles such as Back to the Future, Godzilla, ET, Jonah Hex and the Lord of the Rings, which are represented by incredible action figures that will win the heart of every fan thanks to their extraordinary details and to the incredible poses they can take.

Discover all the horror action figures and cult action figures on the Games and Comics Online Shop

The action figure shop Games and Comics puts at your disposal many Neca products ready for purchase and others available in preorder , so you can take advantage of the discounts dedicated to the upcoming figures without having to give up any of your favorite characters.

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