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Prime 1 Studio: accuracy and complexity at the service of collectibles

Prime 1 Studio is a Japanese company founded by Johnny Pham in 2012. Over the years it has managed to acquire licenses of well-known brands and highly successful sagas, focusing on the creation of very high quality statues with an incredibly detailed level of detail thanks to a concept design studied in detail and the use of a 3D modeling that makes the statues signed by Prime 1 Studio unique . The charm and value makes the demand for the collectibles of this brand incredibly high and for this reason Games and Comics has created a section dedicated to Prime 1 Studio where you can find all the proposals and news related to this brand so as not to miss any output.

Collectibles dedicated to the best titles and characters most loved by fans

The offer of the Shop Online of Games and Comics offers many different sagas titles selected from proposals of Prime Studio 1 such as Berserk , Guyver 3 , Fist of the Warrior , Devil May Cry , Dragon Ball , Jurassic Park , DC Comics and Gantz . The main series signed by Prime 1 Studio portray large-sized characters usually in 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 scale to represent the characters in a highly detailed way with figures that reflect the costumes and styles of the characters with maniacal care. In addition to the large statues, Prime 1 Studio also proposes the Cutie1 series which presents figures about 12 cm high with a fun and playful style, characterized by button eyes, a zip mouth and marked stitching in the joints that give an unmistakable shape to the collectibles of this series.

Visit the Online Games and Comics Shop to stay updated on all the news

On the Online Games and Comics Shop you will find a selection of the best proposals signed by Prime 1 Studio with many collectibles available for purchase and many new products coming with the possibility of pre - ordering to ensure your favorite releases at the time of their release without risking losing them. Rely on the quality and experience of your trusted action figure shop to make your purchases by taking advantage of the unmissable offers dedicated to many Prime 1 Studio collectibles and more.

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