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Mantic Games

Mantic Games is a reality born in 2008 that creates and produces miniatures and board games , using the services of some of the most famous boardgame creators in the world, to create compelling and realistic gaming experiences that have conquered many fans of this world. In addition to original games, Mantic Games also produces licensed games, acquiring titles of famous sagas from films, TV series and much more to create versions of board games with great charm, as happened, for example, for Hellboy and The Walking Dead .

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By visiting our Online Shop you can discover all the proposals we have reserved for you such as the one dedicated to Armada , an incredibly structured board game that allows you to experience unique adventures, combining the basic manual and the game kits essential to get started. to play also many expansion sets that include incredibly detailed resin miniatures that will conquer all lovers of this type of games. Along with Armada , Mantic Games also offers the table games of The Walking Dead , Terrain Crate and Hellboy with sets and expansions that will allow you to live gaming experiences ever new and unexpected. Finally, for fans of miniatures , Mantic Games offers the figures of the board game Deadzone , with proposals dedicated to the different factions to be able to explore every detail of this game.

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The world of board games allows you to have fun in company by experiencing magical and intriguing adventures; the games proposed by Mantic Games will project you into fantastic universes in which you will have to fight to achieve your goals and defeat the fearsome opponents that will present themselves in front of you to become the undisputed winner. Discover all the proposals that await you on the Online Games and Comics Shop and choose the one that suits you best, after which, you just have to start playing!

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